Motorcycle Helmet Proper Fit

All the major Motorcycle Helmet brands offer instructions on their websites on how to properly measure and fit a helmet.
We recommend reviewing fit and sizing information on several manufacturers’ sites.

Here are the basics:

Measure the circumference of your head

Using a tape measure, measure around your head approximately one inch above your eyebrows and ears. This should put you close to the largest part of your head.
Take a few measurements at varying heights above your eyebrows and at different angles around the back of your head. You will want to use the largest measurement as your starting point.
Compare your measurements to the size charts for the brands and models that you are considering.
If your head measurement falls between two sizes, start with the smaller size first.

Checking the fit

A Motorcycle Helmet must fit properly in order to offer any level of protection.
Expand the helmet opening by pulling outwards on each chinstrap, and slide your head into the helmet.
Verify that the helmet liner fits snugly around your head.
Make sure that the top pad of the helmet is seated against the top of your head.
The cheek pads should fit snugly against your cheeks. You should be able to feel your teeth drag on the inside of your cheeks as you open and close your mouth.

With the chin strap firmly fastened, hold the helmet with one hand on each side.
Without moving your head, try to move the helmet up and down, and side to side. You should feel the skin of your head and face being pulled as you try to move the helmet.
If you can move the helmet around easily, it is too big.
Most helmets offer optional liner and cheek pad options to offer additional flexibility in fit.

Helmet sizing is not always consistent. Neither is head and face shape.
You may find that the shape of the liner varies from brand to brand and that one offers a better fit for you over the others.
Try on a few brands/models and compare how each size fits.

Start your research online before you plan a trip to your local dealer.
You’d be surprised how much more helpful the guys at the local shop will be if you can give them some suggestion of what you are in the market for.
Have a few brand and model options in mind.
Compare safety ratings, features and appearance.
Visit a few dealerships before you decide on a helmet that is right for you. In the end, it is better than blindly ordering a helmet online to find out that it doesn’t fit quite right.
Some retailers have strict return and exchange policies regarding Motorcycle Helmets.
Knowing exactly what model and size helmet you are looking for could save you from ordering a helmet online only to find that it does not fit, and the retailer won’t take it back for an exchange.

Don’t buy a helmet online unless you are familiar with the helmet and know that it is the right choice for you.
Use a combination of online and hands on research to determine which helmet is right for you, and then get down to finding it for the right price. We recommend you price shop online as well as at your local dealer. You may find that your local dealer can offer pricing that is competitive to what you find online.

Stay away from used helmets.

With as much as some of the high end helmets cost, it can tempting to try to save some loot by scoring a used lid.
We don’t recommend it.
The energy absorbing foam liner in a helmet will start to form the shape of the wearer, and their head might not be shaped just like yours, even if it is the same size.
Also, you never know where a used helmet has been or what it has been through.
Motorcycle Helmets are constructed with energy absorbing foam liners.
These liners are designed to cushion the force of an impact. Even a small bump to the helmet can compact the foam layer, compromising the safety advantages of the helmet.
Your head is too important to put at risk over saving a few bucks.
If your helmet has been involved in an impact, even a minor one, you should replace it with a new one. When it comes to your head, don’t take a chance.

What helmet is right for me?

Choosing the right Motorcycle Helmet should be more about proper fit and safety than style.
That being said, no one wants to ride around with a ugly, clunky helmet.
Even a seven hundred dollar helmet is a small investment in comparison to the potential risks to your head.
While you may pay more for a helmet that has wild graphics or an extra vent, in the end, it may be worth it.
The more you like your helmet, the more likely you will be to wear it.
Choose a helmet that has the features that suit your needs, and you like the look of.

How can I make sure the helmet I choose is safe?

Stick with name brands
Verify the Safety Certifications meet your local law and riding requirements.
Verify with your local motorcycle dealer that the helmet you are interested in will meet your safety requirements and local laws.
Beware of novelty and replica helmets! Make sure that you choose a helmet that features DOT or SNELL certification.

Honda East Toledo and PowerSports Now! care about the motorcycle and powersports industries and enthusiasts. We are committed to promoting safe and responsible riding. We encourage you to wear your helmet as well as the associated Riding Gear, (a Textile of Leather Jacket, Motorcycle Specific Gloves, Leather Chaps or Lined Touring Pants and Sturdy Boots) when you ride.

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