Leaves are Turning

The leaves are changing color. For many of us, it’s time to put the motorcycle away for the winter. We don’t want to put our bikes away, and are dying to get it out when the weather breaks.

Don’t spend the first day of motorcycle season in your garage cussing or waiting in line at the little local shop with everyone else is trying to get their bikes running too.

Take a few minutes to prepare your motorcycle for storage and save headaches in the spring.

Use a Fuel Stability additive in your tank and fill it up – Modern unleaded gasoline can start to break down in as little as a month in your tank; leaving behind varnish and sticky gummy deposits that will clog your pilot jets the first time you twist on it. A few dollars now can save huge hassles in the spring.

Change your oil and filter – As motor oil breaks down, it produces acids in the form of vapors. Leaving your old oil in the crankcase may lead to corrosion issues down the road.

Lubricate your cables, bushings and moving parts

Remove your battery and store in a warm place or consider a trickle charger – A battery maintainer or trickle charger can extend the life of your battery, and keep you one step closer to being ready to ride.

Inspect your tires – They won’t look any better next spring. Replace them over the winter; your local shop will appreciate the off season business, and you might find a deal on the tires as well.

Give it a thorough cleaning – bug guts and tar will be easier to get off now

Consider a storage cover to keep the dust off – Unless you want to wash it before you ride it in the spring.

Make a list as you go – If you find anything that needs replaced or serviced before next season, make a list now. When the snow is flying and you are wishing you could be out on your bike, shop for parts and accessories. It’s almost as fun as riding.

Big restoration or custom plans for the off season? Consider an aftermarket service manual as well as an OEM one. It’s always better to have more than one point of reference when your pride and joy is a pile of parts that don’t seem to want to go back together.

Follow these simple suggestions and your bike will be ready to ride when the weather starts to warm.

When the weather breaks:

  • Drain the tank and fill with fresh high quality fuel.
  • Check Fluid Levels
  • Check Tire Pressure and visually inspect tires for signs of defects, wear and dryrot.
  • Twist right wrist and enjoy.

Be Safe Out There!

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