Intent to Recall ’09-’11 VMX17YB, YCB, ZR, ZCR, AG, and ACG Models

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. has decided that a defect which relates to motor 
vehicle safety exists in 2009~2011 VMX17YB, YCB, ZR, ZCR, AG, and ACG model 
motorcycles. On affected motorcycles, abnormally high oil pressure can build up inside 
the oil pump. This pressure can force the thrust washer on the oil pump shaft against the 
oil pump housing, causing wear. When too much wear has occurred, the pin detaches 
from the inner rotor. If this happens, oil will stop pumping through the engine, resulting in 
severe engine damage that can cause the engine to stall and not restart again, resulting 
in the possibility of a crash with injury or death.
A Technical Bulletin with all necessary information will be provided in the near future. 
Until then, please suspend sale of any 2009-2011 VMX17 (VMAX) motorcycles in your 
As with all safety recall campaigns, Yamaha will be notifying all registered owners of 
affected units by mail

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